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Intensive Restore [Body Serum] 300 ml| Night Replenish [Body Serum] 300 ml
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  • Intensive Restore [Body Serum] is a rich and creamy body serum that gives parched skin a moisture boost. Enriched with 10x Vitamin E benefit*, it repairs the skin’s barrier and prevents collagen breakdown
  • Night Replenish [Body Serum] is a nourishing night-time body serum that restores skin health and supports skin cell regeneration at night. Enriched with 30x Vitamin E benefits* and infused with Vitamin beads
  • Dermatologist tested on Indian skin
  • Suitable for normal types

*Basis lab study, as compared to placebo

The benefit for Dermafique AM & PM Body Care combo comes from:

Intensive Restore [Body Serum]** (MRP: 449, Price inclusive of all taxes) | Quantity:1

Dry skin can be a result of multiple external and internal factors. While it may not be possible to tackle all external factors, it is possible to treat your skin with nourishing skincare that can support internal factors like skin cell repair and skin barrier strengthening.

That's where Dermafique's Intensive Restore [Body Serum], enriched with 10x Vitamin E benefit* comes to give dry skin a surge of moisture. This rich and creamy serum repairs skin cell damage, heals parched skin and repairs skin's barrier to prevent moisture loss and prevent collagen breakdown to give you supple, glowing skin.

*Basis lab study, as compared to placebo


Pump out a coin-sized amount of serum onto your palms. Evenly distribute in different parts of your body while massaging gently in the morning.

Step 1

Pump out a coin-sized amount of serum onto your palms. Evenly distribute in different parts of your body while massaging gently in the night.

Step 2

We believe that healthy, zen-like skin is built cell by cell and step by step. The Dermafique skin care system is:

  • A combination of potent ingredients and scientific innovation
  • Backed by the expertise of dermatologists and cellular biologists
  • Clinically proven and dermatologist tested on Indian skin
  1. Can I use the night serum in the day as well?
    While you sleep, your skin is hard at work, and to help it restore its natural bounce, you need an intensive night cream that nourishes as well as fortifies your skin. Therefore, it is best used at night for desired results.

  2. How does the serum differ from a moisturiser?
    Serums are thinner and lighter than moisturizers and have a greater variety of functions. A serum usually has smaller molecules combined with a high concentration of ingredients designed to penetrate, improve and/or nourish the skin in some way.
    A moisturizer's job is to hydrate the skin and prevent water loss

  3. How often do I need to apply the serum?
    You only need to apply the serum before sleeping. It assists the skin as it repairs and heals itself from the damage done during the day.

  4. Will the serum aid in hydration of my skin?
    Infused with Vitamin E, it provides long-lasting hydration for the skin. It also heals and soothes skin after irritation from the sun and pollution. Thus, serum heals and hydrates skin.

  5. Is it safe to use the serum if I have skin problems?
    This serum is suitable for all skin types and contains a gentle formula. However, skin may be hypersensitive or allergic to certain ingredients, and therefore it is important to apply the serum on a small part of your body to check if this suits you. You can also check the ingredient list to check your allergies/hypersensitivities.

  6. Will this serum help with wrinkles?
    This nourishing night-time body serum repairs skin at night. It is enriched with 30x Vitamin E that heals skin from oxidative damage and speeds up cell regeneration. Thus delays the signs of ageing.

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