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The Esssence of Dermafique

Dermafique is an Essential and Intelligent Skincare System that is a combination of potent ingredients and scientific innovation, co-designed by the expertise of dermatologists and cellular biologists.

Dermafique works with the skin physiology to solve skin concerns that may have occurred due to internal reasons or external factors.

This intelligent skincare system is based on:

Cell by Cell Skin Repair

Healthy skin is built cell by cell, step by step by adopting the right skincare regimen, backed by science, using products that are kind on the skin.

Dermatologist Tested on Indian Skin

Using this philosophy, we created Dermafique, a premium skincare brand designed specifically for Indian skin.

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Smart New Derma Routine

Dermafique Smart New Derma Routine

It offers a tailored step-by-step system to perfectly balance your individual skin needs and deliver beautiful, zen-like skin.

You can create your own Smart Derma Routine based on your skin needs.

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A skincare system backed by scientific technology

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