pH Facewash & Aqua Surge Body lotion combo

Soft, Sun-Protected Skin, Provides smooth, soft, luminous complexion, with 10x Vitamin E, For Normal Skin, Dermatologist tested
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  • Aqua Surge [Body Serum] has 10X vitamin E benefits* to repair skin cell damage, replenish the moisture and boost suppleness. It is an ultra-sheer body serum for smooth, nourished and sun-protected skin
  • Perfect pH [Facial Cleanser] is an ultra-mild facial cleanser that deeply cleanses skin without altering its pH balance. Enriched with Vitamin E and Chamomile extracts that protect the skin against cell damage.
  • Dermatologist tested on Indian skin
  • Suitable for dry skin

Aqua Surge Body Serum

Dry skin can be a result of multiple external and internal factors. While it may not be possible to tackle all external factors, it is possible to treat your skin with nourishing skincare that can support internal factors like skin cell repair and skin barrier strengthening.

Dermafique Aqua Surge [Body Serum] is a hydrating, ultra-sheer serum with 10X Vitamin E* that penetrates deep# repairs skin cell damage and replenishes the moisture. It provides protection from UV-induced skin damage and helps prevents collagen breakdown. It boosts suppleness and nourishes the skin to provide smooth, soft, luminous looking complexion.

*Basis lab study, as compared to placebo

#Within stratum corneum

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