Hand Serum


  • Why it works

    This hand cream works over time to heal dryness and help prevent collagen breakdown to give you younger-looking hands.

  • What’s in it

    10x Vitamin E* benefit—that keeps the skin soft while helping it retain moisture.

    *as compared to placebo

  • Clinically proven

    Dermatologist tested on Indian skin.

  • 50gm
  • 209.00
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Our daily chores often rob moisture from the skin on our hands leaving them rough and cracked. This lack of hydration also affects our cuticles causing them to turn dry as our hands are exposed to surfactants, changes in temperature and mechanical strain on a daily basis. Moreover, our hands also give away our age rather easily. It is imperative to understand that the skin on our hands is far different from that on the other parts of the body. The skin on the palms and tips of our fingers is rather thick while the skin on the back of our hands is thin. This is a clear indication of lower sebum levels and fewer lipids. Resultantly, your hands are unable to hold moisture. This implies that hands are far more susceptible to dehydration and dryness. To prevent this, trust the Oleo Restore [Hand Serum] as its potent formula with 10x Vitamin E* benefits works towards protecting the skin’s moisture barrier to keep it soft. Additionally, it also slows down early signs of ageing by helping prevent collagen breakdown to attain supple and ageless hands. *as compared to placebo


  • Dermatologist tested on indian skin

  • Prevents Collagen breakdown

  • 10X Vitamin E enriched

  • Eco-friendly

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  1. Shipra Mondal

    My hands were dry and rough. I have been using this hand cream for 2 weeks and my hands feel much softer now

  2. Sunita

    It moisturises my hands very well without any sticky feeling

  3. Ashwathy

    I love the fragrance. My hands smell really good throughout the day.

  4. Renu Tayal

    The skin on my palms and fingers cracks even in summer. I have used many hand cremes but this has been the best so far. It heals chapped skin almost immediately and prevents further breakage

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