Bio Cellulose Charcoal Masque

  • Why it works

    This Bio Cellulose face mask has a good serum retention and absorption capacity. It is made with biodegradable bio cellulose fibres that are derived from fermenting 100% Natural Coconut Water using patented technology. The thin gel-like sheet adheres to every curve and contour of your face like second skin to help it soak in the goodness of the natural extracts for longer while reducing the debasing effect of pollutants.

  • What’s in it

    It is infused with charcoal actives, chamomile flower, green tea, and honey extracts.

  • Clinically Tested

    Co-designed by dermatologists | Dermatologist tested on Indian skin

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Giving your skin the regular deep* clean-up doesn’t necessarily mean spending hours at the salon! With the Bio Cellulose Charcoal Masque, it is now possible to indulge in an expert skincare session in the comfort of your home. It is infused with charcoal actives, chamomile flower, green tea, and honey extracts to help reduce the debasing effect of pollutants and impurities. Charcoal is known to help remove toxins from the skin, while honey extract is known to repair the skin’s barrier and prevent moisture loss. As the mask unclogs pores, cleanses, and delivers rich hydration, your skin appears cleaner and healthier.

Unlike traditional sheet masks which are known for their hydrating properties, the Dermafique Bio Cellulose Charcoal Masque performs double duty, that helps reduce debasing effects of pollutants and hydrate your skin; all while being gentle on the planet.


  • Derived From Fermenting 100% Natural Coconut Water

  • Made With Biodegradable Bio Cellulose Fibres

  • Enriched With The Goodness Of Plant Extracts

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