[Hydrating Crème]

  • Why it works

    This hydrating crème infused with Sea Weed Extract and a natural oil duo fortifies the skin barrier and prevents transepidermal moisture loss. It also deeply# hydrates, nourishes and plumps the skin to provide enduring softness*.

    #Action within stratum corneum
    *With regular use

  • What’s in it

    A natural oil duo consisting of mineral oil and olive oil along with Sea Weed Mineral Extract to nourish and repair environmentally stressed skin.

  • Clinically proven

    Dermatologist tested on Indian skin.

  • 200gm
  • 899.00
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The fluctuating environmental conditions occurring on a daily basis cause a tremendous amount of stress on the skin. This stress results in skin damage that manifests not just on the outside but also from within. Even pollution contributes to skin damage causing dryness, dullness and ageing. To restore the skin’s barrier and fight this damage, you need a moisturiser that is packed with a natural oil duo consisting of mineral oil and olive oil along with the next generation skincare miracle ingredient—seaweed extract. Aqua Cloud [Hydrating Crème] not only moisturises and plumps up your skin, but fortifies its barrier to prevent transepidermal moisture loss. The complex rheology of this aqueous solutions is a tactile delight. It is moist with a cloud like texture that is almost weightless providing you a new-age hydrating experience.


  • Dermatologist Tested on Indian Skin

  • Hydration + Prevents Transepidermal Moisture Loss

  • Repairs Skin Cell Damage

  • Seaweed Extract + Mineral Oil Duo

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1 review for AQUA CLOUD [Hydrating Crème]

  1. Juhi Apte

    I’ve been using this cream for two weeks now. Started my 01-02-03 routine recently after my skin diagnosis test said that I have dry skin! It is really light and I’ve found myself applying it twice just for the lightness of it.

    The texture is really light and it gets absorbed super fast. The jar is is enough to last me a few good months easily. Highly recommended.

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