Dermafique Age Defying Serum


  • Why it works

    Introduce your skin to this rejuvenating serum to bid adieu to pigmentation, signs of ageing and collagen damage.

  • What’s in it

    PhytoCellTecTM—rare stem cells extracted from Uttwiler Spätlauber that has the power to combat signs of ageing along with healing the skin from within.

  • Clinically proven

    Dermatologist tested on Indian skin.

  • 50ml
  • 1499.00
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Cleansing, toning and hydrating are the key elements to maintaining skin health. However, if there is a possibility of you slowly veering towards a more potent form of hydration, a serum is the right route to take. From correcting relentless pigmentation to fine lines, serums target specific skin concerns with their hydration powers. Trust the Age Defying [Serum] for this purpose. This anti-ageing concentrate contains the legendary PhytoCellTecTM i.e. the stem cells extracted from Uttwiler Spätlauber (a Swiss apple)—celebrated for its exceptional longevity and regenerative power—a quality that ensures the skin heals faster. Additionally, this extract also increases cellular activity and has the power to combat signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines that are a result of collagen (the protein found in the skin) break down in your skin. But this serum helps diminish the signs of ageing by building skin’s elasticity whilst correcting uneven skin tone in just 2 weeks#. #Based on consumer study conducted on 35 women panelists by the KET‘S Scientific Research Centre in September 2009.


  • Dermatologist tested on indian skin

  • Reduction of wrinkles post 4 weeks

  • Even toned skin after 2 weeks

  • Eco-friendly

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2 reviews for AGE DEFYING [SERUM]

  1. Shushma

    I am a serum user but this one is has a great non oily feel on my skin.

  2. Gayatri

    I use a lot of make up to work lady at store recommended I use before applying foundation or compact. It is the best advise.

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