Dermafique Skin Hydration


  • Why it works

    Win the battle against oxidative damage with this revitalising day cream that restores your skin back to its luminous best.

  • What’s in it

    10x@ Vitamin E that assists the skin in staying plump and nourished.

    @as compared to placebo

  • Clinically proven

    Dermatologist tested on Indian skin.

  • 50gm
  • 479.00
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Hydration is crucial to your skin irrespective of the weather. One of the biggest misconceptions revolving around skin includes the fact that summers need no hydration. Ironically, your skin is constantly losing water in the summers causing it to dehydrate. This is why you need 24-hour hydration in the form of a day cream like the Advanced Hydration. Yet another reason why your skin needs a day cream in your regime is to fight free radicals. These are unstable molecules in the air that react with your skin to cause cellular damage. When your skin does not have enough antioxidants to neutralise free radicals, it gives rise to oxidative stress—one of the prime causes behind skin ageing. Including the Advanced Hydration in your regime will arm your skin against these detriments as it is a deeply^ nourishing moisturizer with the power of 10x Vitamin E@—one of the most revered antioxidants that supports the skin’s ability in staying supple and nourished. ^within stratum corneum @as compared to placebo


  • Dermatologist tested on indian skin

  • 10X Vitamin E

  • All skin types

  • Hydration

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  1. Riya Bhaskaran

    I recently discovered Dermafique products and this Hydrator is wonderful! I use it every day and receive many compliments on my skin. It delivers a lot of moisture and plumps the skin.

  2. Archana Jain

    I spend a lot of time outdoors. I apply this cream before I leave the house every day and it keeps my skin moisturized all day long.

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